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TLC - Mot. Interviewing - Whole w/ Ppt.

40 Minutes

This version includes is inclusive of Parts 1-4, continuous; it also features the the information provided by the PowerPoint images.

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TLC - Mot. Interviewing Part III

17 Minutes

Welcome to Part III. You are definitely NOT the same practitioner you were before you started this course... You're aware, now of ambivalence, principles, and the critical practices of MI. Now, your ready to get your hands dirty by learning about the tools of motivational interviewing!! Great work, so far!! Keepwinning!!!

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TLC - Mot. Interviewing - Part IV Conclusion

5 Minutes

Here, we will wrap up and review all we have discussed is previous sections.

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TLC - Mot. Interviewing - Part II

10 Minutes

In this lecture, we turn the focus on the principles and critical practices of motivational interviewing. Now, we're really getting into the nut and bolts. Definitely review this lecture prior to moving on to the Part III. You are winning!! Keepwinning!!

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TLC - Mot. Interviewing - Part I

13 Minutes

This is a very informative introductory video... You will hear the history and development of motivational interviewing. After this short, but densely packed vid, you will definitely be ready to dig deeper into the substance of Part II. Keepwinning!